What To Expect At The Dentist… When You’re Expecting

November 6, 2022 carltondental

When you’re expecting, safety is always on your mind as you want this journey to be enjoyable and stress-free. It’s completely natural to worry about everything and anything that may affect your baby, and many women skip their dental appointments due to this fear. 

The reality is that annual checkups and preventive dental care during pregnancy are considered generally safe. You should see your dentist and pay special attention to your dental health while pregnant because hormonal changes can negatively impact your gums and teeth, so you need to be very careful when you’re expecting. 

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Morning sickness and increased progesterone levels can lead to dental problems for pregnant women, and pregnancy gingivitis is something you need to look out for. This will cause your gums to become inflamed due to changing hormone levels. Some women may experience bleeding when brushing or flossing and red and swollen gums.

Periodontal disease is another condition that pregnant women may encounter, and this is caused by a bacterial infection which will develop below the gum line. Gum disease is severe because it can damage the fibres that hold your teeth in place, and this condition can also affect your baby’s health. According to several studies, expectant mothers with periodontal disease are at a higher risk of premature delivery and lower birth weights. Hormonal changes can also cause dry mouth due to a decrease in saliva, and with vomiting comes the possibility of enamel erosion. For these reasons, women who experience morning sickness and frequent vomiting need to be very careful. 

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Consistency with your oral hygiene routine is a must when you’re expecting, as this will help you avoid dental problems during pregnancy. Brushing and flossing regularly are essential, as is eating healthy because nutrition is necessary for your teeth and the teeth of your developing baby. A diet rich in nutrients will positively impact your oral and overall health. Mouthwash is also recommended because this will fight the bacteria that contribute to gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Preventive dental care while pregnant will help avoid oral infections, so you should make an appointment with your dentist when you find out you’re pregnant to discuss how to avoid pregnancy-related dental problems. Your dentist must be aware of your pregnancy as x-rays, medication, and anesthetics will have to be reconsidered, and your dentist will weigh the risks to do what’s best for you and your baby. 

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