Three Questions To Ask When Choosing A Dental Clinic

October 1, 2022 carltondental

When choosing a dental clinic, there are many options available in your location. Gone are the days when each town would only have one dentist that everyone would go to, regardless of whether or not they had good service.

This proliferation of dental offices in metropolitan areas means it’s much harder to pick out the perfect dentist for your own or your family’s needs. To make this a little easier, here are the best questions you should ask when choosing your next dental clinic.

Do they explain things in simple terms?

One of the best ways to enhance the health of your teeth and gums is to ask your dentist for oral health routine suggestions. After a check-up, your dentist should be able to explain the issues they may see and what you need to do to improve your situation. If the dentist uses a lot of medical terms, it may be difficult for someone without a dental background to understand. It is easier to see eye-to-eye when you both understand the topic at hand. 

At Carlton Dental, our dentist and hygienists are more than happy to walk you through the best ways to improve your oral health in a language you can understand. We are open to discussing any problems you may be having and will always do our best to find a solution to meet your unique needs.

What are current and former patients’ opinions of the dentist?

Reviews and testimonials certainly matter when it comes to dentists. However, unless someone had a great experience with the dentist, they will most likely not leave a review at all. Many people only post reviews if they have had a horrible experience. These individuals are quicker to leave reviews and tell others about their negative experiences. This means that a dentist’s overall ratings could appear to be lower than they are actually in reality. One red flag is to look out for different people who post a similar complaint.

One of the better ways to understand a particular dentist’s reputation is by talking to your friends, family, and neighbours who can let you know about their personal experience. Another option is to go to your neighbourhood Facebook group to get recommendations. In most cases, many group members will be able to vouch for a particular dentist.

Are the clinic staff friendly?

Many adults have a mild or severe level of fear when visiting the dentist. One of the greatest ways to overcome your fears is through healthy communication. It is worth it to make sure that you can speak with your dentist and ask them questions to help you get over your concerns.

If the staff there seem uninterested in engaging in discussion with you about your dental health or dental care, then you should probably look elsewhere for your needs. Your dental care has a higher chance of success if you understand the procedures yourself.