5 Reasons to Get Invisalign During the Winter

September 6, 2022
September 6, 2022 carltondental

Invisalign® can provide you with a beautiful smile by discreetly straightening your teeth. It is a great alternative to traditional braces because it is less invasive and less visible but equally as effective, so you may feel a lot more comfortable with this option. Additionally, these aligners can easily be removed, so you can eat, floss and brush easily without any challenges.

If you are considering starting Invisalign®, winter is a great time and here are the reasons why:

You May Have an Easier Time With Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Brushing and flossing regularly is a must during your Invisalign® treatment, and this has to be done more than just twice a day, which is what most people are used to. During this process, you should floss, brush and rinse after every meal and this can be hard to do during the summer when we are out and about enjoying the season. During the winter, however, we tend to spend a lot more time indoors, which can make it easier to keep up with the right dental hygiene routine required for the success of this treatment.

You Can Keep Your Appointments With Your Orthodontist

Your orthodontist may want to see you on a regular basis once they give you your first Invisalign® aligners, as this should allow them to check on your process. You may have an easier time keeping these appointments during the winter because you may have fewer activities planned than during the summer, so you will not be tempted to cancel. 

Your New Smile May be Ready for The Summer

Timing is important, and your orthodontist can provide you with a timeline to know how long the treatment may take. Starting your treatment in the winter is ideal as you can have a beautiful smile by summer and be ready to enjoy the warmer weather with family and friends.

You Can Learn and Get Used to the Process

It may take time to get used to your new Invisalign® aligners, and because you will likely be indoors quite a bit during the winter, you can have the opportunity to become accustomed to wearing them. You will likely also have the time to adjust to your new cleaning routine.

You Can Cover Your Mouth With Scarves

Some people are self-conscious about their smile when they first start Invisalign®, and because you are bundled up during your outings in the wintertime, you may not have to worry because your mouth can be covered whenever you are outside. By the time summer arrives, and you shed your winter accessories, your new smile should be ready!

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