4 Quick Tips for Whiter Teeth

June 28, 2022
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June 28, 2022 carltondental

Everyone’s teeth are different; some are naturally whiter than others, some may stain in certain places, and some have small patchy stains. Are you looking for whiter teeth but haven’t had any luck so far? Incorporate these tips from your Toronto dentist into your daily routine and watch your teeth get whiter with each smile!

Food Choices

Foods that are high in acidity, sugars, or starch contribute to enamel deterioration. Food and beverages like coffee, wine, and tomatoes also have the ability to stain your teeth. Now, we aren’t saying give up your favourite treats or to cancel your morning coffee, but just be mindful of how it impacts your teeth.


Drinking water could make your teeth whiter. By drinking lots of water throughout the day, you wash away bacteria, neutralize acids and support saliva productions. All of these are healthy oral factors that contribute to healthy pearly whites.

Drink from a Straw

When you drink liquids both hot and cold, the beverage meets your teeth and immediately begins depositing colour onto the enamel. With highly pigmented or acidic drinks like wine, coffee, colas, fruit juices, and tea, you may notice more staining. To avoid the connection between the drink and teeth, try drinking your liquids through a straw. You may notice that your teeth are staining less often and less severely.

Dental Whitening Treatments

The most direct and effective way to get whiter teeth is to go into your dental office for professional whitening treatments. Whitening treatments can provide you with immediate, lasting results after just one visit, or longer treatment times to take home. All of them are custom, though. In-office dental whitening treatments are perfect for before a big event like a wedding or an important dinner. Speak to your dentist today to discuss your different whitening options and which one is best for your specific teeth concerns.

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